Truss Rod

Increase the Wetted Area

Lowering the application rate can be a decisive advantage in irrigation. A suitable solution is expanding the wetted area by mounting drops over the truss rod, fixed with the Komet Truss Rod Clip. The design of the Komet Truss Rod Clip allows for an easy fixation on the truss rod while retaining the natural shape of the hose.

Truss Rod Clip

5 models are available, covering all common rod sizes

Komet Truss Rod Clip

Available models

15.9 mm

Komet Truss Rod Clip - Brown 5/8" 15.9 mmKomet Truss Rod Clip - Brown 5/8" 15.9 mm

17.5 mm

Komet Truss Rod Clip - Blue 11/16" 17.5 mmKomet Truss Rod Clip - Blue 11/16" 17.5 mm

19.0 mm

Komet Truss Rod Clip - Black 3/4" 19.0 mmKomet Truss Rod Clip - Black 3/4" 19.0 mm

20.6 mm

Komet Truss Rod Clip - Grey 13/16" 20.6 mmKomet Truss Rod Clip - Grey 13/16" 20.6 mm

22.2 mm

Komet Truss Rod Clip - Maroon 7/8" 22.2 mmKomet Truss Rod Clip - Maroon 7/8" 22.2 mm



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Truss Rod Clip

Komet sprinkler clips on irrigation system

Komet Sprinkler Clips

Extending the irrigated area of your sprinkler system with Komet’s truss rod sprinkler clips

Center pivots and linear machines have long been among the world’s most widely used mechanized irrigation systems – known for their ability to increase crop health and yield volume, as well as their significantly more efficient use of resources compared to other methods of farm irrigation (such as flood irrigation, for example). Paired with the right sprinkler package, a center pivot sprinkler system is able to deliver consistent irrigation patterns and application rates that have been individually optimized for different crop types – even if they are grown within the same field. In addition, center pivot systems can also be used to distribute pesticides and fertilizers by applying them either to the plant canopy, or – in the case of a LEPA/LESA irrigation system – directly to the soil surface.

Over the decades, center pivots have evolved into complex machines involving sophisticated engineering and advanced technologies. However, even the most state-of-the-art center pivot sprinkler system is based on the same core structural components – starting with the pivot point (central tower), which anchors the machine to a permanent location in the field. The pivot point comprises several sub-components: the pivot legs (which hold up the pivot point, and are often bolted into a concrete pivot pad); the riser pipe (which connects to the first span through the pivot swivel, and supplies water to the rest of the pivot); the pivot swivel (an elbow-shaped fitting connecting the riser pipe to the first span); the control panel (essentially the ‘brain’ of the pivot system, which can vary widely in terms of complexity and digitization); the J-pipe (which houses the power and control circuit wires); and the collector ring assembly (which facilitates a continuous flow of electricity through the machine as it rotates around the pivot point).

Another main component of any center pivot system are the pivot spans – the pipes through which the water travels to reach the sprinklers. The pivot spans are supported by trussing (an elevated framework encompassing the entirety of the pivot) and the drive units, also known as the towers – which ensure the clearance of the spans above the crop, and determine the system’s movements.

As well as serving as an additional support for the pivot spans, the trussing can also be used as a framework to alter the drop position of the pivot system without making any structural changes: By simply repositioning the hoses so that they are draped outwards across the truss rods, growers are able to instantly extend the irrigated area and lower the application rate with minimal effort – and no need for additional equipment, other than appropriate gooseneck / u-pipe and a few sprinkler clips.

Komet Pivot Accessories

Truss rod sprinkler-clips

Once the drop hoses have been draped across the truss rods, they have to be fixed in place in order to maintain the correct sprinkler spacing – and, consequently, a precise, consistent irrigation across the wetted area. For this purpose, Komet offers a series of truss rod sprinkler-clips, which are designed to fasten the drops onto the truss rods with enough pressure to keep them firmly in place – but without creating any flow-impeding indentations. There are currently five sprinkler-clip models in Komet’s product catalog, covering the full range of truss rod sizes commonly used on center pivot systems: 5/8″/15.9 mm (color code: brown), 11/16″/17.5 mm (blue), 3/4”/19.0 mm (black), 13/16″/20.6 mm (gray), and 7/8″/22.2 mm (maroon).

Like all Komet products – from the most powerful big-volume guns to the smallest pivot accessories – Komet’s sprinkler-clips reflect the company’s strong focus on resilience and durability. The truss rod sprinkler-clips are manufactured at the Komet HQ production site in Central Europe, using state-of-the-art machinery and meticulous quality control. Rather than reconstituted waste material from other production processes, Komet’s truss rod sprinkler-clips are injection-molded from high-grade technical polymer, which has been optimized to meet Komet’s exacting specifications – including UV resistance and shock-absorbing properties.

Komet’s truss rod sprinkler-clips are further distinguished by their well thought-out design, which not only enables a much easier and more straightforward installation, but also ensures that the hoses always retain their natural shape (in simple terms, the hose will not be ‘squeezed’ at the point of fastening). Of course, Komet’s sprinkler-clips are made to last for many growing seasons: while conventional plastics tend to grow porous after prolonged exposure to the sun, Komet’s technical polymer sprinkler-clips are UV-resistant, ensuring a particularly long product lifespan.

In addition to its range of truss rod sprinkler clips, Komet’s catalog of pivot accessories includes a series of hose adaptors, as well as a tool for the quick and easy installation and removal of nozzles. All of Komet’s pivot accessories are distinguished by a meticulous design, high-tech manufacturing, and durable, high-quality materials – very much in line with the company’s philosophy of delivering “quality right down to the last detail”.

For any grower, understanding their options in terms of different center pivot set-ups – complete with the potential pitfalls, benefits, and optimal areas of application of various sprinkler system installations – is a vital part of successful farm irrigation. To find out more about the many aspects of center pivot irrigation, why not sign up for our Komet Academy? In this free, product-neutral series of webinars, our irrigation experts share their in-depth knowledge on topics ranging from Building a Better Sprinkler Package, Wheel Track Options and LEPA Irrigation, all the way to Lowering Application Intensity and End-of-System Solutions.