It is the people who make Komet what it is today. We are a family-run business that strongly emphasizes the development of each and every one within our company.



Arno Drechsel

CEO & Head of R&D


Viktor Drechsel

CFO & Head of Operations

HUGO copia

Hugo Drechsel

CSO & Head of Marketing


Sacha Hoffmann

Managing Director

A Group of Experts

julia profile

Julia Magnes

Director of Global Business Development & Strategic Marketing

Francois Davel, TSM for Africa and Oceania

Francois Davel

Regional Sales Manager
Africa, Middle East and Oceania

cobus web

Cobus Myburgh

Technical Sales Manager
Sub-Sahara Africa

Roman Yakovlev, Regional Sales Manager for Eurasia

Roman Yakovlev

Regional Sales Manager

Gustavo Hossri, Regional Sales Manager South America

Gustavo Hossri

General Manager
Latin America & The Caribbean

Eugenio Lucca, Regional Sales Manager LATAM

Eugenio Lucca

Regional Sales Manager

Carlos Pedroso, Technical Sales Manager Brazil

Carlos Pedroso

Technical Sales Manager

Luiz Sobenko, Technical Sales Assistant Brazil

Luiz Sobenko

Technical Sales Assistant

Gustavo Dantas, Komet's Technical Sales Manager for the Caribbean and Latin America

Gustavo Dantas

Technical Sales Manager
Caribbean & LATAM

Brady Klok, Regional Sales Manager for Canada

Brady Klok

Regional Sales Manager

Josh Mosier, General Manager North America

Josh Mosier

General Manager Komet Irrigation Corp. &
Technical Director North America

Chase Parr, Technical Sales Manager for South Central US

Chase Parr

Sales Development Manager

Wesston Hughes, Komet's Regional Sales Manager for the Northwestern US

Wesston Hughes

Technical Sales Manager
North West US


Tyler Novotny

Technical Sales Manager
North Central US


John Herman

Technical Sales Manager
North East US

Bradley Darden, Komet's Regional Sales Manager for the Souteastern US

Bradley Darden

Technical Sales Manager
South East US

Chris Hindman, Technical Sales Manager for the Northwestern US

Chris Hindman

Technical Sales Manager
South Central US

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Tyler Kennedy

Technical Sales Manager
South West US


In 1952, Roland Drechsel, our father and founder of the company, realized his full potential in agriculture. His fascination turned into our mission, and his values still accompany every step we take today. Based on trust, mutual respect, and above all, honesty, we – together with our employees – have been leading this innovative, family-run business to success since 1952.


A star is rising in the sky of irrigation: Roland Drechsel founds Komet in Bolzano. Inspired by astronomy, the name has quickly been found and has ever since accompanied our aspiring irrigation company. In the early days our father is focusing on the design and installation of irrigation systems for the vibrant fruit and winegrowing in South Tyrol, our home region.


Kick-off for the production of the first polymer sprinkler.


Komet moves to Trento signalizing an important step in its development: customer relationships are intensified, and above all, expanded. With polymer sprinklers, the ambitious company specializes in irrigating technically demanding large-scale areas, and embraces new and exciting markets.


We – Arno, Viktor, and Hugo – join the family business. Following the example of our father, we build on the latest technology, successfully raising Komet onto a higher level. The result: our business is picking up.


Entering the American market, Komet has finally arrived in the circle of the big players. High quality, meticulous expertise and devotion are the key to success. At all times, we and our products are highly reliable – this is what is appreciated by our American customers.


A first step towards a fully-automated production line is taken by purchasing the first robot.


Komet moves to Lienz in Osttirol. At the turn of the millennium Austria becomes the new home for our products. Simultaneously, a new era is dawning on us: Years of extensive developing and investing allow us to fully specialize in big volume guns and products for pivot irrigation systems. At the same time, we leap forward in the United States and open Komet Irrigation Corp. in Fremont, Nebraska.


Repositioning of our trademark Komet.


10 years of development, and countless field tests under the toughest conditions have paid off: The Komet Pivot product line revolutionizes the irrigation industry.


Progress and innovative spirit have ever since distinguished our company. The process of optimizing our big volume guns has come to an end, and the Komet Twin Ultra is launched on the market.


Our irrigation company is growing, which is why we expand our production facilities. This way we continue to inspire our customers with the best quality and highest technology.


With Komet Brazil, we opened our second cross-Atlantic office & warehousing location – further strengthening our position on the international market. Since September 2021, our customers in Brazil are able to place orders directly with our team at Komet Irrigação do Brasil, and receive outstanding customer service right on their doorstep.


Just a few years after our previous expansion, we completed another major addition to our headquarter facilities: In summer 2022, we opened our latest high-tech production hall – enabling us to increase our output in response to the ever-growing demand for Komet products on the global market.


As Komet’s global presence continues to grow, so does our international team of technical sales advisors – providing our customers with direct access to highly trained irrigation experts in ever more countries around the world.


We hold high expectations for our products and business processes. Consequently, it is essential to follow the right strategies in its pursuit.

Quality strategy

Quality Strategy

Smart processes, a high level of commitment, constant quality controls, and continuous training ensure the highest quality, in products and in customer relations.

Human resourcers

Human Resources Strategy

Flexible, performance-oriented and always in consultation: We recognize our employees’ potential, and embrace and develop it in unison.


Innovation Strategy

By always being one step ahead, our customers benefit from our visions and our innovative spirit. This is why our products are recognized as the technological market leader.

Patent strategy

Patent Strategy

We treasure our ideas. That’s why we have them protected at an early stage, and are ready to defend them legally.


Production Strategy

With a well-selected product range and a high degree of automation, we are able to respond quickly and flexibly to market changes as well as individual customer enquiries.


We are proud to be at the forefront of a global transformation – using cutting-edge technologies to optimize responsible water management and resource-efficient practices in modern agriculture.

With our forward-thinking strategies and innovative products, we offer reliable solutions to current concerns over water scarcity, environmental impact and global food security.


Our sprinklers are designed to maximize yields while conserving water, by effectively preventing losses caused by sub-optimal application. This is coupled with their ability to perform well at low pressures (reducing energy requirements), as well as their exceptional longevity.


Our commitment to resource efficiency also extends to our own operations. Examples include the in-house production of components (reducing transport requirements), state-of-the-art machinery, and our reliance on 99% renewable energy to power our joint HQ, Lab & Factory premises.


Our internal Code of Conduct ensures the wellbeing of all our employees, with a focus on a safe and inclusive working culture that fosters equality, integrity and mutual exchange. We also apply our exacting ethical standards to our external partners and suppliers.


We aim for the highest quality in everything we do. We pay the utmost attention to processes, products and customer relations. All of them need to grow and prosper.

Process quality


Precise and structured processes guide our doing, supported by the latest in organizational software. We are certifiable according to ISO 9001 since 2014.

Product quality


Our innovations turn us into the technological market leader.


We build on friendly and collaborative business partnerships.