Seeds of Knowledge

Passion, Expertise and Years of Global Irrigation Experience – this is what flows directly into our Komet Academy. Knowledgeable minds have created the Komet Academy Series, providing the know-how for efficient and effective irrigation in a comprehensive and easily understandable way. Ranging from the perfect design of your irrigation system to specific fields of application – the Komet Academy knows it all!

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Building a better sprinkler package

Building a Better Sprinkler Package

The proper design of your irrigation system is crucial for a successful irrigation. Certain factors such as soil characteristics, crops, topography and weather conditions need to be taken into account for the system to work efficiently. Learn the foundations of a good sprinkler package in this Komet Academy.

Lowering application intensity

Lowering Application Intensity

A too high water application rate can lead to a reduced water infiltration into the soil or cause damage to delicate seeds and crops. Various designs can help to effectively reduce the water application rate in order to prevent soil sealing and runoffs. This Komet Academy knows how.

Wheel track options

Wheel Track Options

Improper irrigation around the wheels of the pivot irrigation system can result in wheel track problems. It is essential to find the optimal solution around the wheels in order to keep the tracks dry while simultaneously provide efficient and sufficient irrigation around the wheels. This Komet Academy shows you how to do it.


Trouble Shooting

A malfunctioning irrigation system can quickly leave its traces in the crop development. Be it of agronomical or mechanical nature, problems need to be identified and fixed immediately. Learn how to do so, in this Komet Academy.


End Of System Solutions

The correct irrigation technique at the end of a mechanized irrigation system can significantly maximize yields. What is more, leaving the area at the end of the system without proper irrigation can have tremendous effects on the health of the entire crop development. Learn about the importance of end of system solutions and the available methods to efficiently water the outskirts of your field.



Low Energy Precision Application (LEPA) is used in certain circumstances around the world. However, knowing where a LEPA irrigation system is appropriate and how to do correct design and scheduling is crucial for its successful application. Learn all about LEPA in this Komet Academy.