Optimal Solutions for Center Pivots, Linear Irrigation Systems and Hose Reel Machines

As a family run business with global reach, Komet Irrigation is the epitome of ‘the best of two worlds’: firmly rooted yet forward-thinking, dedicated to reliability and precision, whilst always pushing the boundaries with groundbreaking new ideas. Within the field of mechanized irrigation, Komet stands for excellence, durability, and outstanding results – often achieved through innovative approaches born out of years of hands-on field experience.

Sprinkler Irrigation

For agricultural growers, choosing the right field irrigation system may be one of the most important decisions they will ever make. Out of all possible farm irrigation systems, sprinkler irrigation is the method that most closely emulates natural rain. This has many advantages – however, in order to ensure optimal results, there are a number of important considerations that must be taken into account.

Innovative Irrigation

Successful sprinkler irrigation is defined by several factors – including the sprinkler’s ability to deliver an even droplet size, uniform distribution pattern and steady outlet pressure in any climate and terrain. Komet products excel in all of these areas, thanks to their ingenious, innovative designs along with extensive pre-production testing in a wide range of external conditions.

Another key to success when designing an irrigation system is a proper understanding of the interaction between water and soil, depending on specific outlet pressures, topographies and distribution methods. For this reason, Komet offers expert-led irrigation training in the form of topic-specific seminars. These live-streamed or personal sessions (often held online to cater for their international audience) are product-independent, and accessible free of charge as part of the Komet Academy. Topics range from Building a Better Sprinkler Package to Troubleshooting and End-Of System Irrigation.

Of course, we also pride ourselves in providing excellent Customer Service & Support, whether you need help with installing a sprinkler system, or any other issue regarding optimized irrigation in your specific field.

We aim to ensure that our customers have all the necessary information to make the best choice for their individual needs. This is why Komet’s online presence often focuses on sharing in-depth knowledge and expertise. Our platforms include the Komet Blog – a regular feature that offers valuable insights into various elements of farm irrigation systems, as well as multi-faceted case studies of Komet products being applied by growers around the world.

Center Pivot Sprinklers Made in Austria: Field Irrigation System Sprinklers for a Multitude of Applications

Komet has been producing state-of-the-art sprinkler heads for center pivots and linear irrigation systems since 2014. Regardless of which type of sprinkler you are looking for, Komet’s product catalog covers all major purposes and areas of application. The current product range spans from high-pressure sprinklers such as the Komet Twin Ultra line (for use in agriculture, sports-turf irrigation and dust control, as well as industrial wastewater and mining applications) all the way to the Komet Precision Twister (also available as a top-of-pipe variant for taller crops), or the highly innovative Komet Precision Wave for end-of-system application.

Quality, durability and versatility are a key priority with all Komet products, which are tested – and, ultimately, utilized – in all types of fields, climates and topographies around the world. As part of its intense quality control program, Komet has previously tested its prototypes in the US, Brazil and Sudan. Over the past 20 years, the company has established an increasingly global presence, including opening additional branches in Brazil and the United States. Komet products have been shipped to customers on both sides of the equator, be it Argentina, Eastern Europe, New Zealand or South Africa.