Komet Lab

Inspired by Nature, Empowered by Technology

Innovative irrigation

At Komet, we believe that technology should work in unison with nature. With their uniform irrigation pattern, energy-efficient operation and ultra-durable construction, our sprinkler products harness our planet’s natural resources in the most effective way possible.

The result: sustainable irrigation for reliable yields in any climate and environment.

Design Philosophy

Efficiency, reliability, durability: these are the cornerstones of every irrigation product made by Komet. Our company draws on more than seventy years of experience – giving us a deep-rooted understanding of everything from hydraulic and fine-mechanical engineering to agronomy.


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Product quality

Reliability & Durability

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Research & Development

From the Ground Up

Our R&D Department is not just confined to the four walls of our high-tech lab: at Komet, product development starts in the field. Through constant communication with our irrigation experts, our R&D team is kept up-to-date with the needs of growers around the world; in essence, our products are a direct response to real-life irrigation challenges.

From On-Site Analysis...

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...to In-House Prototypes...

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...Back to the Field

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Man & Machine

The Best of Both Worlds

Just like our sprinkler products, our manufacturing methods are a perfect symbiosis between human diligence and technological advancements. At our headquarters in Austria, we combine the speed and precision of automated production processes with the skills and dedication of a highly trained workforce.



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Quality strategy


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