Pole Position in Pivot Pressure Regulation

Komet Precision Regulator KPR-X

What do large-scale growers and race car drivers have in common? They have each tied their success to specialized machinery that is geared towards maximum efficiency and performance.

While the spectating crowd at the Grand Prix will be mesmerized by the make and model of the competing cars, the expert on the tracks knows full well that seemingly minor details – such as the optimal choice of tires – might, in fact, be the key to crossing the finish line a winner.

In the world of mechanized irrigation, a similar principle applies to sprinklers and pressure regulators: despite being vital components of optimized irrigation, their true importance is not always recognized. Pivot pressure regulators, in particular, are often viewed as a secondary commodity, and are sometimes omitted altogether. And yet, proper pressure regulation at each outlet is crucial – both for achieving consistent water distribution, and to ensure an efficient use of the world’s most precious natural resource.

Inside the Komet Precision Regulator KPR-X 

The core purpose of a pivot pressure regulator is to maintain a constant outlet pressure whilst handling varying inlet pressures – and to do so reliably over many growing seasons.

When designing the Komet KPR-X, our engineers focused on any pivot pressure regulator’s most common challenges: Plugging, Wear, Performance, and Service Life. The result: the most effective pivot pressure regulator currently on the market. Here are the main features:

  • The Komet Precision Regulator KPR-X features an Axial Design – allowing for the concentrical arrangement of components.
  • Flow Deviation Fins evenly direct the water towards the center of the device.
  • The Large Inlet Chamber allows for an optimal amount of inlet flow to accommodate all nozzle sizes 8 – 52 /128”. The flow force is applied to the plunger in a uniform manner, preventing premature one-sided wear.
  • The Optimal Plunger Diameter enables the largest possible gap between valve seat and plunger – creating an unimpeded water flow, and reducing the risk of plugging.
  • The KPR-X’s Diaphragm Chamber contains a progressive dampening system designed to minimize friction, and ensure low hysteresis for a continuously smooth operation. The diaphragm chamber will adapt to existing conditions – compensating for phenomena such as water hammers, and thereby limiting pressure fluctuations.
  • Thanks to its Self-Cleaning Mechanism, the Komet Precision Regulator KPR-X automatically flushes out sand and debris – ensuring long-term durability and performance.

Find out more about the Operating Principles of Pressure Regulators and the Critical Areas that warrant articular Attention.

Inside the Komet Precision Regulator (KPR-X)
Inside the Komet Precision Regulator (KPR-X)


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