Twin Ultra

Add Flexibility to your Application

The accessories available for the Komet Twin Ultra series are designed with care and add flexibility to your daily work with the Komet Twin Ultra guns.


The dynamic jet-breaker with patented operating principle can be adapted to various system requirements, including solid sets and low-pressure applications. Read more

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The Komet Vari Angle Continuous Adjustment allows to fine-tune your trajectory angle setting to best suit your application requirements.

Komet Vari-Angle

The trajectory angle can be manually adjusted between 15° – 45°, without any internal flow restrictions.

Komet Wedge For 21°/27° Angle

Add flexibility to your Komet Twin Ultra gun by permanently changing the trajectory angle in a later moment.

Sprinkler parts Komet Wedge

In case the trajectory angle of the Komet Twin Ultra gun needs to be lowered or increased, the Komet Wedge 21° or 27° is available. It is easily installed on an existing 24° Twin Ultra gun.


Secure your Komet Twin Ultra gun during transportation of the traveller to ensure flawless operation after every relocation. Read more

Sprinkler Parts Komet Transport Lock 101/140

Transport Lock
Twin 101 Ultra
Twin 140 Ultra

Sprinkler Parts Komet Transport Lock 160/202

Transport Lock
Twin 160 Ultra
Twin 202 Ultra

Komet Transport Lock

Twin Ultra Sprinkler Parts for Even Greater Flexibility

As most growers will agree, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to irrigation. A successful yield depends on a complex interplay between soil, crop and the environment – all of which are in a constant state of change, even in the course of just one growing season. For this reason, flexibility is one of the many aspects you might wish to take into account when designing your irrigation system.

Flexibility is also one of the key traits that define Komet’s Twin Ultra line – a series of powerful long distance sprinklers distinguished by uniform water application, optimal throw, as well as high levels of efficiency, reliability and adaptability. Big sprinklers generally offer a high degree of flexibility: because they allow the water to be directed exactly where it is needed, they can be utilized in fields of almost any shape and layout – including land with uneven boundaries or obstacles such as rivers, roads and trees. In addition, Komet’s series of high-end big sprinkler models covers a wide variety of applications – spanning from the agricultural sector to sports-turf irrigation and dust control, all the way to industrial wastewater and mining applications.

The individual models that make up Komet’s high-volume sprinkler line (comprising the Twin 101 Ultra, Twin 140 Ultra, Twin 160 Ultra and Twin 202 Ultra) are also geared towards maximum flexibility in terms of their flow rates, nozzle compatibility and trajectory angles – a feature that is further enhanced by a carefully thought-out range of accessories. Like all Komet products, these optional sprinkler parts are characterized by advanced engineering and an exceedingly solid construction – once again reflecting the company’s uncompromising dedication to high-quality materials and meticulous quality checks.

Accessories for your Twin Ultra Big Sprinkler Irrigation System

One of the perhaps most ingenious Twin Ultra sprinkler parts is the Dynamic Jet Breaker: thanks to its patented design, the Komet Dynamic Jet Breaker will redirect a portion of the excess water at the end of the throw, and redistribute it towards the gun – thereby increasing the wetted area and facilitating a more efficient use of resources. Another great advantage of this sprinkler part is that it enables growers to adapt their big sprinkler’s water distribution profile to match the requirements of solid-set systems.

Another exciting addition to Komet’s portfolio of Twin Ultra sprinkler parts is the Komet Vari Angle – an accessory that allows growers to change a Twin Ultra gun’s trajectory angle without any flow restrictions. Once the Vari Angle sprinkler part has been installed, the long distance sprinkler’s trajectory angle can be manually adjusted in one from 15° to 45°. This can be especially useful in areas that are frequently exposed to high winds: big-volume sprinklers are inherently prone to wind drift – something that can be counteracted by using lower trajectory angles, particularly at wind speeds exceeding 10 mph. Sprinkler parts such as the Vari Angle are, therefore, much more than just secondary accessories: in effect, they can help growers conserve water and maintain the application uniformity of their big sprinkler gun even in unfavorable conditions.

Similarly, the Komet Wedge allows growers to increase or decrease their big sprinklers’ trajectory angles to one of two pre-set options: 21° or 27°. Simple to install, the Komet Wedge is an excellent addition to a standard 24-degree Twin Ultra big sprinkler gun, and – like all of Komet’s Twin Ultra sprinkler parts – can easily be added to an existing set-up at any time.

Another popular accessory in Komet’s sprinkler parts portfolio is the Komet Twin Inverter. Like all Twin Ultra sprinkler parts, the Komet Twin Inverter is extremely practice-oriented. This patented device, which can be installed on any Komet Twin Ultra long-distance sprinkler, will automatically change your big sprinkler’s sector angles at a predetermined time. Once the timer has been set, it remains in standby mode for up to 36 hours. The countdown can be started at any point during that time by activating the irrigation system, as the timer is triggered automatically by the motion of water flowing through the sprinklers. In many long-distance sprinkler models, changes to the sector angles have to be carried out manually, which can be very labour-intensive – making the Komet Twin Inverter an excellent timesaving device.

Details are important – especially when it comes to looking after your irrigation system during transport. When an irrigation system is being relocated, all big sprinkler guns must be properly secured to avoid potential damage. The best way to do this is to block the gun’s rotation – which is exactly what the Komet Transport Lock is designed to do. The Komet Transport Lock comes with two integrated settings, which either permit or prevent the big sprinkler gun from turning. This means that the lock – once installed on top of the gun’s base – can permanently stay in place, even when the irrigation system is in operation. The Komet Transport Lock is available in two variations: one for the Twin 101 Ultra and Twin 140 Ultra, the other for the Twin 160 Ultra and Twin 202 Ultra.

Like all Komet products, the company’s sprinkler parts are manufactured to the highest quality standards, and designed with the grower’s everyday experience in mind. “Listen to your customers, and develop exactly what they need,” is the credo Roland Drechsel passed on to his three sons, who are now at the helm of Komet Irrigation. This philosophy is evident in every product that emerges from this innovative company – from its flagship Twin Ultra line, to its well-designed and user-friendly range of compatible sprinkler parts.