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La passion, l’expertise et des années d’expérience à travers le monde entier dans le domaine de l’irrigation, voici ce qui nourrit la Komet Academy. Le produit de notre réflexion se présente sous la forme de la série Komet Academy. Son but est de transmettre de façon complète et facile à comprendre le savoir-faire lié à une irrigation efficace. Cela va de la conception d’un système d’irrigation adapté à des domaines spécifiques d’application. La Komet Academy a vous donnera les réponses aux questions que vous vous posez.

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Building a better sprinkler package

Building a Better Sprinkler Package

La conception correcte de votre système d’irrigation est cruciale pour que l’arrosage soit réussi. Des facteurs comme les caractéristiques du sol, la culture, la topographie, le climat doivent être pris en compte pour que le système soit efficace. Découvrez les principes de base d’un busage efficace dans cette Komet Academy.

Lowering application intensity

Lowering Application Intensity

Des taux d’application d’eau trop élevés peuvent réduire considérablement la capacité d’infiltration dans le sol ou provoquer des dégâts dans les cultures sensibles. Des différences de conception peuvent vous aider à réduire efficacement les taux d’application et ainsi empêcher l’imperméabilisation du sol et le ruissellement. Cette Komet Academy vous montre comment.

Wheel track options

Wheel Track Options

Une irrigation inappropriée autour des roues du système pivot peut provoquer des problèmes dans leur sillage. Il est essentiel de trouver la bonne solution pour que ce sillage reste sec tout en continuant à irriguer les surfaces voisines efficacement et suffisamment. Cette Komet Academy vous montre comment y arriver.


Trouble Shooting

Les problèmes agronomiques ou mécaniques du système pivot peuvent rapidement altérer le développement d’une culture. Qu’ils soient d’origine agronomique ou mécanique, les problèmes doivent être identifiés et réglés aussi vite que possible. Découvrez comment dans cette Komet Academy.

Irrigation training: End of System Solutions

Solutions End Of System

Une technique d’irrigation bien choisie à l’extrémité d’un système d’irrigation peut augmenter les récoltes de façon significative. Par ailleurs, laisser la zone à l’extrémité du système sans irrigation adaptée peut avoir des effets énormes sur la santé et le développement de la culture entière. Découvrez l’importance des solutions End Of System et les méthodes disponibles afin d’arroser efficacement les bords de votre champ.



Low Energy Precision Application (LEPA) est utilisé à certains endroits dans le monde. Mais il faut savoir où un tel système d’irrigation est adapté, et être capable de le concevoir et planifier correctement pour que l’application soit réussie. Vous saurez tout sur LEPA dans cette Komet Academy.


Irrigation Academy Online

The key to excellence is to never stop learning. With this in mind, we have created the Komet Academy – a unique platform that allows us to share years of knowledge and expertise in the field of mechanized irrigation with passionate growers around the world.

The sessions are held by our in-house irrigation technicians with extensive experience in the field. Since early 2020, we have been offering our irrigation academy online and at different locations worldwide. In addition to the outstanding expertise on offer, the Komet Academy is distinguished by another exceptional characteristic: the contents of our irrigation courses are purely information-based and completely product-neutral.

The Komet Academy irrigation courses are open to anyone wishing to improve the health of their crop, the volume of their yield, and the efficiency of their mechanized irrigation system.

The very first Komet irrigation training took place as an in-person seminar at a Growers’ Meeting in the United States. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with several participants explaining that – even though they had been working with mechanized irrigation for years – there were numerous technical aspects of their irrigation system that they had never understood in such full detail. The idea of an irrigation technician training online audiences soon followed, and is now implemented on a regular basis to reach growers in every part of the world.

Each Komet Academy irrigation training session is packed with valuable information, instructions, case studies and illustrations – all presented in an easy-to-follow manner, rounded off by an informal Q&A.

Irrigation Training: The Perfect Sprinkler Package & Much More

Irrigation technicians training online audiences

Even the most experienced growers will benefit from the in-depth irrigation training offered at the Komet Academy.

Each irrigation training session is dedicated to a specific theme. For example, participants are able to learn how to design a sprinkler package that is optimized for their crop, soil type, climate and topography. Complex themes – such as crop-specific application rates, water chemistry, or the energy usage of different sprinkler types – are laid out in clear and simple explanations. Our irrigation experts also address subjects such as correct sprinkler spacing, height and overlap, as well as the impact of the right (or wrong) droplet size on soil integrity and crop health.

‘End-of-System Solutions’ is another topic that has proven highly popular with our irrigation academy’s online and in-person audience. In this particular irrigation training session, participants find out just how much productive area can be gained by irrigating the ground beneath the end spans and the overhang of their center pivot irrigation system. Another advantage of adding EOS devices is the ability to flush the pivot at the end of the system, where sand and debris tend to accumulate.

As well as outlining which types of devices are available for this purpose, our experts also explain why pivot pressure regulators play such a vital role in designing an efficient mechanized irrigation system. Though their importance is often underestimated, pivot pressure regulators (which ensure a consistent outlet pressure across the entire irrigation system) not only prevent accidental under or over-watering of the crop, but also increase the lifespan of the irrigation system’s sprinklers: all irrigators are designed to operate within specific flow and pressure ranges. By ensuring that the outlet pressure never strays outside these margins, the pivot pressure regulator helps prevent premature equipment wear.

Further topics discussed in our irrigation academy’s online and in-person sessions include the finely tuned balancing act that is required to achieve high-efficiency, low pressure irrigation whilst still maintaining a consistent droplet size and uniform water distribution across the entire cultivation area.

In theory, reducing an irrigation system’s water pressure is one of the most obvious ways to make its operation more efficient. In practice, however, it is not quite as simple as it might seem: the challenge is to lower the water pressure while still maintaining high-quality irrigation across the entire wetted area.

Once this perfect balance has been achieved, the center pivot irrigation system has to be regularly checked to identify potential operational and performance issues – before they can turn into problems of a greater magnitude. With the right know-how, most of the minor complications that commonly arise in center pivot irrigation systems over time – for example, decreased uniformity due to nozzles being obstructed by debris or excess air – can be quickly and easily corrected. If left unchecked, however, they can have severe knock-on effects – including yield loss, equipment damage and unnecessarily high energy usage.

Again, this is where the Komet Academy’s irrigation training can prove extremely useful. In our Academy session on ‘Troubleshooting’, our irrigation experts outline the interdependent relationship between center pivot, soil and crop, and show how this can be used to evaluate the system’s operation. Participants learn what signs to look out for, what the likely causes might be, and – most importantly – how to resolve them.

The Komet Academy program offers a level of irrigation training that is in a league of its own. A prime example is the seminar on the topic of ‘Wheel Track Options’. Conventional dry wheel track solutions tend to involve part-circle sprinklers with high application rates. This, however, can increase the likelihood of water run-off, resulting in muddy tracks that hinder the intended progress of the pivot. Those who join a Komet irrigation training session, however, will find out how to apply an Advanced Approach that combines dry wheel tracks with an optimized application rate on every square-inch of fertile soil.

The Komet Academy was born out of our long-standing passion for high-quality irrigation. In contrast to product-focused sales pitches, these irrigation training sessions are not about purchasing irrigators technicians have recommended. Instead, they offer highly informative, factual and product-neutral insights that are designed to make each participant an expert in their field.