Seventy Years of Innovation

Komet Irrigation celebrates its 70th anniversary

In our fast-paced world of short-lived ventures and risky startup projects, it is rare to come across a group of people – let alone an entire company – that has proven its steadfast dedication across decades, and even generations. Komet is just such a rare find. When the company was founded by Roland Drechsel in 1952, mechanized irrigation systems were uncharted territory on the European market. This, however, did not deter the young visionary: much to the consternation of his parents, he started a small production site, and threw himself wholeheartedly into his pioneering venture – quickly building a wide-spread reputation as a manufacturer of exceptionally high-quality irrigation products.

Two generations. While his fine-mechanical background and interest in future-oriented production methods doubtlessly held him in good stead, it was Drechsel’s genuine passion and deep sense of purpose that still shapes the company’s philosophy to this day. It is a passion he passed on to his three sons, who are now at the helm of Komet Irrigation. Together, Arno, Viktor and Hugo Drechsel have extended Komet’s reach on a global scale, establishing an expansive network of overseas branches and expert representatives. “We are proud to have served agriculture for 70 years, including 30 years in the North American market,” says Hugo Drechsel, CSO and Head of Marketing. “As a family-run business, we remain firmly committed to the values and innovative spirit on which our father founded this company.”

“Once you’ve worked with water, it never lets you go.”
Roland Drechsel, founder of Komet Irrigation

Inspired by nature. This spirit of innovation is certainly evident in Komet’s line-up of highly efficient pivot sprinklers and big volume guns, whose designs are based on years of meticulous research and development. “It is our mission to create solutions for the real-life problems growers are facing in the field,” says Arno Drechsel, CEO and Head of Research and Development – the mastermind behind Komet’s innovations. All of the company’s products are conceptualized and manufactured at its HQ premises in Central Europe. The state-of-the-art facilities, surrounded by the timeless beauty of the Austrian Alps, perfectly mirror the unique synergy of vision and tradition that sets this company apart.

Komet Academy. Komet’s deep-rooted commitment to advanced irrigation goes beyond its own product line. “In addition to irrigation equipment of the highest quality, we want to provide our customers with the knowledge and resources to make informed decisions, based on their individual requirements and specific field conditions,” says Hugo Drechsel. With this in mind, the company has established the Komet Academy – a series of free online seminars on key irrigation topics, covering anything from building an optimized sprinkler package and troubleshooting, to understanding water chemistry, crop-specific application rates and soil health. “Having been in the industry for many years,” irrigation expert and Academy co-founder, Josh Mosier, explains, “I have not seen an approach this comprehensive, yet product-independent. The goal of the Komet Academy,” he continues, “is to give growers access to knowledge that is vital for their success, as well as making sure that our most precious natural resource, water, will be plentiful for future generations to come.”

#MadeOfValues How it started - how its going
#MadeOfValues How it started - how its going