Irrigation and Sustainability

For Frederico d’Avila the sprinkler is the deciding component
in energy-efficient irrigation.

Agriculture is essential to our way of life – and water is, of course, essential to agriculture. In most parts of the world, rainfall is either irregular or insufficient. This is where manmade irrigation systems serve as an invaluable ‘backup solution’ that ensures optimal growth and reliable yields. When designing an irrigation system, there are several key elements to consider, such as the pivot structure, the pump station, and the sprinkler package. Each of them is important. However, only those ‘in the know’ really understand the significance of the right sprinkler package for energy-efficient irrigation.

Among them is Frederico d’Avila, an experienced farmer and active congressman in his home country of Brazil. Sustainable agriculture has been the core focus of his political career. His efforts have even yielded a government board specifically dedicated to Agrotechnology and Irrigation.

On his own farm, d’Avila relies on Komet sprinklers to ensure the best use of the world’s most precious resource. “The sprinkler is a key item when it comes to efficient irrigation”, he explains. Saving water, he continues, starts by paying attention to how it is applied to soil. After an extensive trial period, d’Avila has now installed Komet sprinklers on all pivots in need of upgrading. “Your energy savings actually depend on the sprinklers you use,” he elaborates. “This is where we intend to save water – and combine agricultural productivity with the preservation of nature.”

MadeOfExperience - Frederico d'Avila
MadeOfExperience - Frederico d'Avila

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