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Komet Irrigation’s new site in Brazil

A vast and stunning continent with extreme climatic diversity – and a thriving agricultural sector: South America occupies a leading role in the production and export of some of the world’s most important staple crops. In order to achieve reliable, high-quality yields, an ever-increasing number of growers rely on mechanized irrigation.

As a Europe-based company, we were excited to break into the Latin American market a couple of years ago, when we first began to offer our products and services to growers in Brazil. The overwhelmingly positive response we received has now culminated in the next chapter of this transatlantic venture: in September 2021, we opened our first overseas branch in São Paolo’s countryside.

Thanks to our strategically located warehouse, existing and prospective customers in this global region can now benefit from a faster, more streamlined delivery of our products. Equally, order enquiries and customer service requests can be directed to our local office team in Valinhos without having to overcome language barriers or accommodate different time zones.

Of course, our Regional Sales Managers for Brazil – Gustavo Hossri and Eugenio Lucca – will continue to offer their hands-on support and in-depth expertise, both in our São Paolo office and out in the field.

New Komet facility in Brazil!
New Komet facility in Brazil!

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