The Komet Precision Twister (KPT)


The Komet Precision Twister (KPT) is the leading-edge ‘off-roader’ among mechanized irrigation sprinklers: an all-round talent that combines a reliable performance in virtually any water, soil and atmospheric conditions with extremely low energy costs. But what it is that sets the KPT apart from other center pivot sprinkler models on the market – and what is the secret behind its uniform distribution pattern?

Let’s find out!

#1: UNIFORM WATER DISTRIBUTION: The KPT is equipped with a responsive 3-D motion system, whereby the deflector rotates around the central sprinkler’s axis as well as its own. The result: an exceptionally uniform distribution pattern – both within the wetted area, and throughout the entire irrigation system.

#2: CONSISTENT DROPLET SIZE is one of the most sought-after features within efficient irrigation. As any grower will know, droplets that are too small are prone to wind drift and evaporation – whereas droplets that are too large can damage delicate crops, and lead to soil sealing and runoff. Thanks to its highly engineered groove configuration and friction-based motion control mechanism, the KPT is able to deliver a consistent droplet size throughout the entire nozzle range.

#3: ENERGY EFFICIENCY is an increasingly important topic in today’s farming world. The energy costs of a mechanized irrigation system are largely linked to the selected operating pressure. With this in mind, the Komet Precision Twister has been designed to deliver an excellent performance at just 10 psi (0.7 bar) – even dropping down to 6 psi (0.4 bar) in certain set-ups.

#4: RESILIENCE AND DURABILITY: What happens when the rotation system of a pivot sprinkler becomes worn? Answer: The rotation speed increases – leading to a greater risk of wind drift and, eventually, operational failure. The key to long-term durability, therefore, is a design that minimizes wear on a sprinkler’s main components. The KPT’s 3-D motion system directs the water in a way that places very little stress on the assembly – which is why this field-proven sprinkler will work at peak-level for many growing seasons.

#5: ADAPTABILITY: The KPT is an all-round talent that can be used in any type of field application. At the same time, the product range is incredibly streamlined – making it easy for growers to choose the right model for their needs:

  • Standard trajectory angle (black deflector): used for most applications
  • Lower trajectory angle (blue deflector): for windy conditions or higher ground clearances
  • Ultra-low trajectory angle (yellow deflector): for extreme conditions such as high winds, heat or low-flow scenarios
  • KPT Peak: for top-of-pipe installation
  • KPT PC180: part-circle pattern for dry wheel tracks

Find out more about this hard-wearing flagship model – aptly dubbed ‘The Indestructible’:

5 Features that define Komet’s center pivot sprinkler (KPT)
5 Features that define Komet’s center pivot sprinkler (KPT)

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