Irrigation Systems Put to Endurance Test in Sudan

Komet Precision Twisters Prove Themselves as the Only Solution

Extreme conditions are to be found in Sudan: A tropical climate and highly iron-containing water effect the irrigation system directly. A serious problem for rotating pivot sprinklers. Not so for the Komet Precision Twister (KPT) – as an unforeseen test run at a local farm has proved.

Komet is Put to the Test

In order to gain a foothold and survive in the pivot market, you have to prove yourself more than once. “Though we never expected to prove ourselves with a test run in Sudan,” recalls Hugo Drechsel (CSO). In the course of the Komet Pivot products being launched in 2015, he was at the irrigation system manufacturer Lindsay in South Africa. Hugo offered Lindsay’s head of sales to equip a test system with Komet’s new, rotating sprinklers, in order to convince them of their quality. “When they said that the test run would take place in Sudan, to be honest, I got nervous. We know to what extent climate and water quality affect irrigation systems, and decide upon whether the irrigation system is successful for agriculture in the respective area,” says the CSO.

Problem Solved:
Irrigation Systems with Komet Sprinklers

However, some Sudanese areas have exceptional preconditions as the water contains extreme amounts of iron. Additionally, it also contains elements that, combined with iron, shortened the lifecycle of competing sprinklers to a maximum of one year. The three Komet directors decided against being deterred by the challenging situation, and so the pivot sprinklers set out on their journey to north-east Africa. “Francois Davel, our regional sales manager for Africa, and I flew along in order to support the test on site. Actually, we did install the sprinklers ourselves,” recalls Hugo. Eventually, the result was a surprise to everyone involved: Komet sprinklers were unstoppable. More than four years after the irrigation system went into operation, they are still supplying the fields and plants with water. And after more than 9,000 hours of operation they are still running well.

Top Quality for Every Irrigation System

The enormous life-span of the Komet Precision Twister (KPT) correlates with its ingenious design. Where the rotating deflector meets the sprinkler body, the material is stressed many times less than with competing products. Even if the water contains additional elements. “Our support during the test run in Sudan as well as the quality of our rotating sprinklers has not only convinced Lindsay. In agricultural irrigation, our sprinklers are nowadays seen as THE problem solvers for iron-containing water”.

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