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Prove their Merit on South African Farms

In a fast-paced world where few things are built to last, long-term dependability is as valuable as it is rare. At the same time, knowing that your working tools will deliver a consistent peak performance for many years to come, has never been more important. This is especially true in the field of agricultural irrigation, where the stakes are high with little room for error.

This sense of confidence is what we seek to offer our customers: choosing Komet is synonymous with choosing peace of mind. Along with our well thought-out designs and practical expertise, the longevity of our products is one of our greatest strengths. Johan Jacobs, owner of Lucky Valley Farm in South Africa, is happy to confirm this – based on personal experience. As a large-scale grower in a semi-arid region, reliable irrigation is paramount for his success. Seven years ago, he placed his trust in Komet – and has never looked back: to this day, his Komet pivot sprinklers deliver the same outstanding performance as they did seven years ago.

Everything we do – from product development to customer consultation – is geared towards providing growers with real-life solutions. For Johan Jacobs, this took the form of a streamlined sprinkler package that combines efficient, uniform water distribution with an exceptionally long lifespan. After all: We have made it our mission to help you grow.

MadeOfExperience - Johan Jacobs South Africa
MadeOfExperience - Johan Jacobs South Africa



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