Low-maintenance and extremely versatile: solid-set systems can be used to irrigate even the most challenging terrains. But what exactly are they, who needs them, and which sprinkler types should they be paired with? We take a closer look.
In a solid-set irrigation system, sprinkler heads are installed on vertical pipes (known as risers) which, in turn, are attached to lateral water lines laid out either on top of, or below the ground. Though they both work on the same principle, there is a distinction between portable (hand move) and permanent (fixed grid) solid-set systems. With a portable system, the water lines can easily be relocated or removed for purposes such as crop rotation. Permanent solid-set systems, on the other hand, stay in place once installed – which also means that they usually need less maintenance, as they are not exposed to as much wear-and-tear.

AREAS OF APPLICATION: Solid set systems excel in terrains that would otherwise be near-impossible to irrigate – from extremely undulating topographies to tricky corners and odd-shaped fields. However, they are also used in open-field applications and for high-value crops, as well as for over-tree irrigation in vineyards and orchards. The great advantage of solid -set arrangements is that they can be configured for any conceivable landscape, crop height and required sprinkler spacing. Frequent applications for solid set systems include cane sugar, corn, sugar beet seed, hay and pasture grasses, as well as golf courses and football fields.

COMPATIBLE SPRINKLER TYPES: Solid set systems are typically paired with high-volume sprinklers (also known as high-volume guns, long-distance or impact sprinklers), which are designed to cover large areas at one setting. Their potential for a higher application rate makes long-distance sprinklers ideal for crops with a greater watering requirement, while their long throw radius allows them to irrigate hard-to-reach areas with exceptional precision.

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