Bringing out the big guns

High-volume irrigation is beneficial for crops with greater watering requirements, and in environments that benefit from an extended throw radius. The so-called Big volume guns are an ideal solution for fields with irregular dimensions or physical obstructions (such as trees, roads or streams), to increase the wetted diameter at the end of a mechanized irrigation system, or for solid set applications.

Komet’s Twin Ultra big volume gun line was developed over a period of five years, and was designed in direct response to close communication with experienced growers. The Twin Ultra models deliver high-volume irrigation on solid sets, travelers and center pivot systems. In addition to their efficient, yield-enhancing performance in the agricultural sector, they also excel in areas such as sports-turf irrigation and dust control, as well as industrial wastewater and mining applications.

Family of Four:

Komet’s Twin Ultra line currently consists of

  • the Twin 101 Ultra
  • the Twin 140 Ultra
  • the Twin 160 Ultra
  • and the Twin 202 Ultra.

In addition, the Twin Ultra models 140, 160 and 202 are compatible with the Komet Twin Inverter, which automatically changes the big volume gun’s irrigation angle on the basis of an in-built timer.

The Komet Twin Ultra Line’s Key Features:

While each Komet big volume gun has its own specific strengths, all of them share 5 fundamental characteristics that set them apart from other products on the market.

  1. Perhaps most importantly, they have been designed to deliver uniform water distribution – arguably the ‘holy grail’ of agricultural irrigation: after all, the higher the uniformity, the more efficient the system – and the more productive the crop. In Komet’s Twin Ultra models, this uniformity is achieved with the aid of an automatic brake system, which ensures that the rotation speed of the sprinklers remains consistent at all times – regardless of water pressure, nozzle size or terrain.
  2. Equally noteworthy is the Twin Ultra models’ exceptionally long throw. This offers several advantages, such as the increase of the irrigated area, a lower instantaneous water application rate, and an improved water intake of the soil – all of which ultimately translate into greater efficiency and healthier crops.
  3. Which brings us to the Twin Ultra line’s next key feature: energy efficiency. The most obvious way to reduce an irrigation system’s operating cost is to decrease its water pressure. But, of course, it is not quite as simple as it sounds: the challenge is to do so while still maintaining high-quality irrigation. The Komet Twin Ultra guns master this balancing act with a pressure-sensitive deflector and low-inertia drive arm mechanism.
  4. As with all Komet products, reliability is, of course, a core feature of the Twin Ultra models. This is ensured by a combination of high-quality materials (such as hard chrome plated brass, chemically treated stainless steel and hard anodized aluminum) and a well thought-out construction that is designed to minimize the wear-and-tear of the key components.
  5. Last but not least, the Komet Twin Ultra line impresses with its adaptability. There are times when irrigation equipment has to accommodate external conditions – be it strong winds or physical obstacles. For this reason, the standard, 24-degree models are complemented by the Twin Ultra Vari-Angle models, which allow the trajectory angle to be set anywhere from 15 to 45 degrees – and this without flow restrictions. Moreover, the patented Dynamic Jet-Breaker allows to modify the water stream to improve the water distribution in low-pressure conditions or to even out the throw pattern in solid-set installations.

This video below offers further insight into what sets this ambitious product line apart.

To find out more about the Komet Twin Ultra line, its key features and practical application, visit the Twin Ultra product page or contact us at

5 Features of Komet’s long distance sprinkler models (Komet Twin Ultra Line)
5 Features of Komet’s long distance sprinkler models (Komet Twin Ultra Line)