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Have you ever listened to the sound of water? We have. Since 1952.

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Made of Water

La historia un poco diferente
sobre irrigación

¿Se ha preguntado usted alguna vez, si una irrigación eficiente puede ser más que el mero enfoque del producto?
Nosotros sí, por eso contamos una historia un poco diferente sobre irrigación.
Una historia #MadeOfWater


Vivimos según nuestros valores – tanto en nuestras relaciones profesionales, como en la búsqueda de la perfección técnica.

cover how it started 1

We proudly present: A brief history of Komet Irrigation.

cover teambuilding 1

Komet-Teambuilding in Brazil: A Meeting of Minds.

LP cover Arno board video

Dedicated to Efficient Irrigation: A team of global and committed experts.

GH landing brazil_3

Komet's new facility in Brazil! Great news for local growers in Latin America, as everything is now close at hand.


The strategic team at the helm of Komet: Our common goal is the customers’ ultimate success.

Expert in the field - Francois Davel.

Experts in the Field: Francois Davel talks about Komet's approach of gathering field experience and sharing knowledge.

Rooted in excellence

Rooted in Excellence: A next-generation company sets new standards in global irrigation.

Expert in the field - Gustavo Hossri

Experts in the Field: Gustavo Hossri is a great believer in our side-by-side, hands-on field tests.

A new irrigation story to tell

We’re made of 60% water: 40% values, solutions, people, experience and know-how: The result is 100% Komet.

When people meet technology

When People meet Technology: The perfect symbiosis of technology and human excellence.


Creemos en soluciones sin compromisos, capaces de solucionar problemas reales de aplicación.

innov countdown cover 1

KPT Innovation Countdown: You can't rush perfection.

5 features landing

Komet Twin 5 Features Find out about the Komet Ultra line's 5 key features!

vorschau kpr-x landing2

Inside the Komet Precision Regulator (KPR-X): Explore the next level of Pivot Pressure Regulator Technology!

kpr-x web landing

Release the Pressure: Komet Precision Regulator (KPR-X) Komet's latest innovation tackles the most common challenges of pivot pressure regulators

The Komet Twin Ultra guns

Komet Twin Big Volume Guns – An Extraordinary Family: Sophisticated design, high-quality components, longevity and versatility. Meet the Komet Twin Ultra Family.

Gamma Pivot

When Quality Matters: Our Pivot Sprinkler models cater for a wide range of crop types and environments.

The Perfect Tool

The Perfect Tool for the Job: Solutions that work make your work day all the better.

Komet Twin Inverter

Komet Twin Inverter: Save time and resources with automatic and time-controlled irrigation sector change.

T5F cover LP

What makes the Komet Twin Ultra guns so extraordinary? It is these 5 features.

Komet Precision Twister PC-180

We believe in Solutions without Compromise: the Komet Precision Twister (KPT) PC180 combines uniform water application and dry wheel tracks.


Verdadera excelencia radica en valores humanos: una notable ética de trabajo y la evolución de competencias se reflejan en las grandes personas de Komet.

Roman Yakovlev
kpt black
Cover Roman 1

Roman checking a new installation in Kazakhstan.

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Eugenio Mexico

Saludos de Eugenio desde México: Eugenio Lucca, our regional sales manager for Latin America in a flourishing potato field in Mexico.

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Best of Arno

Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life: We introduce Arno, the technical mind behind Komet going above and beyond to achieve his innovations visions.

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Felipe USA

Felipe says it is “a little bit chilly”: But don’t worry, this is Komets unconditional commitment.

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West african surprise

That moment of surprise when you notice something familiar in the West-African countryside.

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Probados en los campos de todo el mundo.

cover justin 1

Successful in Nebraska/USA: Justin Thiesen changed his sprinkler packages to KPT-Peak!

mexico cover 1

Making the difference: Komet sprinklers preventing runoff and wind drift in Mexico.

moe ZA landing

Six Days of Irrigation – Seven Days of Results Christiaan saves an entire day's amount of water in every seven-dy irrigation period.

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

The Key to Sustainability! Frederico d'Avila is an experienced farmer and a passionate congressman. He is convinced: the sprinkler is key to efficient irrigation.

Welcome to South Africa

Welcome to South Africa! Johan Jacobs explains why it is easy to endorse a product whose performance is still as outstanding as on the day it was installed.

Abel Simoes

Welcome to Brazil! Abel Simões talks about his choice of Komet products and the extensive research that led to his decision.


Welcome to Russia! Pavel Artemov relies on Komet sprinklers due to their outstanding performance.

Welcome to Brazil

Komet Conquers Brazil: Brazilian farmers appreciate the new technology Komet offers.


Le capacitamos compartiendo nuestros conocimientos – esto es nuestra misión.

anteprima seeds 1

Seeds of Knowledge - Pivot Pressure Regulator 1: Operating Principle

vorschau kpr-x seeds 2

Seeds of Knowledge - Pivot Pressure Regulators 2: Critical Areas

We bridge the gap

We bridge the Gap between cutting-edge technology and the grower's true needs.

EOS 1 vorschau LP

Seeds of Knowledge - EOS 1: Solutions at the End of a pivot system

EOS_website thumbnail

Seeds of Knowledge - EOS 2: The importance of End of System Solutions

EOS 3 vorschau LP

Seeds of Knowledge - EOS 3: Managing End of System Solutions