• 1Hydraulic performance

    The Komet 850 Valve’s state of the art elliptical diaphragm allows for a very quick response and smooth operation starting from 0.7 – 16 bar (10 – 228 psi). The clog resistant open flow design leaves no struts or right angles for debris to catch on and allows the 850 valve to have high flow capacity with some of the lowest pressure losses in the industry.

  • 2End-gun throw

    The Komet 850 Valve’s very low pressure losses translate into more pressure that reaches the end-gun nozzle. Pair a Komet Twin Max or Twin 101 end-gun, which have the widest pressure ranges of any center pivot end-gun in the industry, and you have the greatest performing gun/valve combo you can specify. This dynamic duo provides you with unrivaled irrigation performance, maximizing the acres beyond the end of the system.

  • 3Reliability and serviceability

    The Komet 850 Valve is reliable by design; it consists of only three major components which underline its simplicity and there is no need for periodic maintenance. It is made of ductile iron cast which makes it exceptionally strong. Controlling the valve with differential pressure instead of a solenoid valve eliminates a common cause of failure. In the rare event of plugging due to large debris, it is not necessary to remove the valve. Unplugging is as simple as removing four bolts.

  • 4Energy efficiency

    Growers are very conscious of the energy they are using in today’s reality of high input costs. The Komet 850 Valve ranks as one of the best when it comes to minimal pressure loss in a center pivot application. Not having to raise your pivot pressure to overcome the losses in the end-gun valve means cost effectiveness in the long term.

  • 5Adaptability

    The Komet 850 Valve can be adapted to fit virtually any valve control system on virtually any center pivot. It’s very simple operation and wide operating parameters make it the obvious choice for new installations or to retrofit into an existing system. The 2″ FNPT thread at both the inlet and outlet make the 850 Valve universally adaptable with standard fittings. It can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal position and placed anywhere in the installation.

850 Valve

  • Nominal pressure

    0.7 – 16 bar

    10 – 228 psi

  • Flow rate

    0.5 – 40 m³/h

    2.2 – 175 gpm

  • Performance

    Cv Factor 120

    Kv Factor 102

850 Valve
  • Differential Pressure Operation

    Pressure line to up-stream of the booster-pump

    Automatic drain valve prevents damage from freezing

    Air release valve, required for proper priming of booster pump

    Water line from up-stream of booster pump

  • Solenoid Operation

    Solenoid valve normally closed

    Automatic drain valve prevents damage from freezing

    Water supply and filter for solenoid

    Electrical supply

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