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Komet Philosophy

We are a family business. We inherited the values that are the foundation of our relationships from the company’s founder Roland Drechsel, our father. For us, the order of the day is honesty, respect and trust.
We believe that in today’s world, rather than inventing new promises, it is far more important to respect, uphold and build on the customer promises that our company was founded on. In addition to providing the highest quality irrigation equipment, we want to make sure our customers have water application products that operate at the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness, which in turn will help to limit the waste of our natural resources.
We believe in building long lasting relationships with our customers. This gives us the opportunity to understand their needs, analyze how our products are meeting those needs, and to continue to improve. We believe in what we do, and are passionate about how we do it.

Komet Strategies

The following statements of the mentioned strategies follow our strategy policy and are therefore an integral part of our strategies and actions.

Quality Strategy

Our quality assurance philosophy is based on the principles of continuous improvement in quality, costs, deadline compliance and consultation.

Process quality

In our development division, we are constantly evaluating and optimizing our production processes. Together with our team leaders, we are testing proposed changes in a process under real production circumstances before they are released. Our high level of commitment and educational level, as well as continuous training, ensure the innovations that makes us the market leader in technology.

Product quality

A modern ERP-System (SAP) is the base of our business infrastructure. We emphasize a fully integrated business process and as of 2014 we are ready for review to ISO 9001. The high degree of interlinking creates transparency and the direct access to all the product data models thus assuring our constant quality standard in the global market.

Customer relationship quality

The relationship with our customers is based on our Komet philosophy. It includes a cooperative partnership. We assist our partners with our consulting support – also on site – and assure technology transfer through training. This means support does not end after the sale of our products.

Production strategy

We focus on a particular product range and manufacture with a high degree of automation. This ensures a high degree of production reliability and enables us to react in a fast and flexible way to market requirements. Depending on the situation, available production capacities are reallocated, extended and synergies are exploited.

Innovation strategy

The technological and qualitative innovation leadership has always been a key element of our company philosophy and vision. As a leading innovator, we rely on the newest technological and qualitative standards. As an innovative company we offer our customers products and support that set us apart from our competitors allowing us to offer consistent and significant customer value. All our products are ingenious and offer high quality solutions for specific requirements from our customer partners to their own economic advantage.

Human Resources Strategy

The defined measures in the human resource strategy are intended to strengthen the position of Komet on the job market to be ready for the increasing competition for labor in the near future. In particular, the effort for more flexibility und achievement orientation, for the development of team leadership, for an increasing degree of employee’s loyalty towards the company and a good communication between all levels are emphasized. The human resources strategy is based on the general Komet employee and leadership guidelines.

Our principal objectives are:

  • Utilization of potentials and diversity
  • Preparation of employees for future tasks
  • Creation of a modern working environment
  • Management of staff on a basis of high performance, job satisfaction and dialog
  • Creation of competitive working conditions

Patent strategy

To protect the technological leadership of our company and to increase sales volume, our patent strategy follows these principles:

  • Early protection by patent already at an innovative approach (i.e. technical ideas)
  • Country specific patent protection to avoid copying of our innovative products by competitors
  • Readiness to defend and enforce the property rights if competitors infringe our patents in offering similar products.
  • Komet Philosophy
  • Komet Strategies