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How to apply

Komet is one of the leading manufacturers of water distribution devices worldwide. Our products are used in agricultural, industrial and turf applications. We are known for our innovative products of highest quality. In the year 2000 Komet relocated to Lienz, Austria. From our headquarter in Lienz we manage our subsidiary Komet Irrigation Corporation, USA and sales in the international markets. Our customers are manufacturers of irrigation systems (OEM), wholesalers and dealers.

Thank you for your interest in joining our company!

To submit your Resume:

  1. Please apply by emailing your resume and salary history to
  2. Please indicate which position you are applying for in the subject line of your email
  3. No phone calls, faxes, mailings or drop-ins, please

Human Resources Strategy

The defined measures in the human resource strategy are intended to strengthen the position of Komet on the job market to be ready for the increasing competition for labor in the near future. In particular, the effort for more flexibility und achievement orientation, for the development of team leadership, for an increasing degree of employee’s loyalty towards the company and good communication between all levels are emphasized. The human resources strategy is based on the general Komet employee and leadership guidelines.

Our principal objectives are:

  • Utilization of potential and diversity
  • Preparation of employees for future tasks
  • Creation of a modern working environment
  • Management of staff on a basis of high performance, job satisfaction and dialog
  • Creation of competitive working conditions

Job Opportunities

  • MitarbeiterIn technischer Einkauf Produktion und Produktionsplanung

    Vollzeit - Lienz/Austria

    Die Kombination aus Produktionsplanung (Fertigungsplanung) für die Fertigungsbereiche Mechanik, Kunststoff, Montage und technischem Einkauf sowie der Materialdisposition intern und extern – in einer Funktion – unterstützt im Rahmen abgestimmter Prozesse, das...

    Published on 10/01/2018

    Job details - PDF
  • MitarbeiterIn Einkauf und Finanzen

    Vollzeit – Lienz/Austria

    Vertretung und Unterstützung der Teamleiterin Einkauf und Verwaltung insbesondere in den Prozessen Einkaufen, Finanzen und Planung. Mitarbeit bei der termingerechten und qualitätsmaßig einwandreien Umsetzung der Entwicklungskonzepte, der Testdurchführung und Dokumentation...

    Published on 10/01/2018

    Job details - PDF
  • MitarbeiterIn Kunststoff

    Vollzeit – Lienz/Austria

    Bedienung von Kunststoff-Spritzgussmaschinen, Qualitätssicherung der produzierten Teile, termingerechte Abarbeitung der Aufträge.

    Published on 06/12/2017

    Job details - PDF
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